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What Lights You Up?

This is one of the most powerful questions we can ask ourselves. When we orient our life around the answer, magic happens.

However, this isn't always easy.

Knowing what lights us up and living in alignment with that requires commitment and courage.

Joy also invites us to listen to and honor our dreams as sacred stepping stones on our path.

This pursuit ALWAYS leads to more JOY, which in turn makes us absolutely magnetic to the people and things we are trying to attract.

Joy opens the door of possibility.

The World Needs Your Genius, Joy + magic.

If you're feeling a call inside to create something more and do something bigger with your life, listen! It's no accident that you and I are connecting! My genius zone is helping people to honor that little voice inside and figure out how to build their dreams and make them a reality. As such, consider me the "Soul Midwife" or "Fairy Godmother" to your dream. With soulful brand strategy, meaningful marketing and powerful natural tools will ensure you are set up for success to actually reach your goals... joyfully.
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Loves of My Life

My greatest privilege is being a mother to our 5 amazing children. everything else in my world revolves around this.

I absolutely adore world travel. Ireland is my second home (quinn is Celtic for chief/queen). In Morocco I crossed "ride a camel in Africa" off my bucket list.

We have 6 pets at the moment—insane! 2 zebra finches, 2 curious kittens and 1 golden puppy. Thankfully, they all get along. ;)

Married to my best friend, we live an active life at 4300' elevation in the heart of the Rocky Mountains—15 minutes from hiking, camping, kayaking and the ski slopes—in Salt Lake City, Utah.

At my core, I'm a storyteller, an artist, a bookworm, wannabe gardener, and a big dreamer.
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